Doug has many students working on Broadway, Off-Broadway, National Tours, Regional Productions and Pop/Rock Tours.

Focus:  Give you the tools and the confidence to perform your best at all times.

-Creates confidence in your abilities through thorough preparation both physically and mentally.


Taking on new students in 2019.

It is a good time to strengthen your voice and fine-tune your audition books.

I come with Broadway and National tour experience as a performer, vocal coach, conductor and musical director. I have been intimately involved in the casting of numerous shows. I also am a pianist with Broadway caliber skills.

I can help you:

1/ choose music that you connect and identify with and more importantly LOVE singing.

2/ find arrangements and keys that specifically suit you.

- 32, 16 or even 8 bar cuts that make sense musically.

3/ record the accompaniment on CD for you to practice with that will reflect what you SHOULD hear from an accompanist at your audition.

4/ work your voice and range with individually tailored warmups and exercises that address weaknesses in your voice.

5/ breakdown what you need in your audition book and fill in gaps there may be. This will allow you to walk into an audition confident that you have the right material for ANY audition.

6/ help you learn how to present yourself confidently to the audition room and clearly convey your arrangement and tempo to accompanists.

It is NOT my goal to work with someone for 3 years building their voice so that they will sound good in 3 years!

My GOAL is to help you get that job you are auditioning for next week -constantly building your voice as we go from audition to audition and show to show. 

I currently have well over 80% of my students all working in the Industry.

Sides/Callback material can be e mailed directly to me - I will record the melody, melody over accompaniment and accompaniment alone - so that you can walk into your audition as prepared as possible. 

Send a message to book a lesson time or to have sides recorded. 

Located: Vocal Studio - Pearl Studios/Ripley Grier Studios.