Professional Home Recording Studio capable of recording, mixing and mastering.

Record Singles, full-length CDs, Cast albums, Demos, Tracks for live performance or entire shows or voice-overs for casting and agent submissions.

Backing instrumental tracks can be created to give your recordings a full sound. 

Recording with Doug allows you to be working with a Music Director, Pianist, Arranger, Orchestrator, Transposer, Transcriber, Songwriter, Engineer, Mixer and Master all at the same time.

If you have song ideas, you can work them out with Doug and then record them as he arranges, orchestrates and records on the spot. 

Doug uses Pro Logic Studio, Adam near-field monitors, Sony professional headphones and a variety of Neumann and Audio Technica microphones. 

Original Compositions


Arranging and Orchestration

Vocal Arrangements and Orchestration: Doug Oberhamer

Featuring:  Danny Bolero, Veronica Vazquez-Jackson, Jennifer Sanchez, George Salazar, Diana McCorry, Jessica Kahkoska, Tony Romano and Doug Oberhamer

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New Release

A Few Samples

All songs below recorded, tracked, engineered, mixed and mastered by Doug.